Thursday, August 18, 2011

The vengeance of invisibility

There is only one person in the world that I talk to without any intellectual reservation. At eleven I wrote a poem about being the dancing doll and all that I was would be hidden safe inside me.  That was for my father.  But I was at a family gathering last night and heard that apparently twitterers and face Booker and bloggers are illiterates who are incapable of putting sentences together.  So I guess never getting "over" the problem of not showing myself (now I hide behind dark humor - apparently my family is unaware that one of the best predictors of native intelligence is humor - one of the many things, like the suffering of the poor for instance, that they are oblivious to) is probably a good thing.  These twits have obviously never tried to Twitter.  It takes a PhD in Haiku to say something funny or intelligent in 140 words or less!

Anyway, that is why I have a blog with only one follower (who I know never checks it.  She is being kind.  He He.  See, she doesn't even know that I know that. LOL!  I get a really perverse kick out of all this.)  Don't get me wrong, I love her.  I mean I really do and she is the safest of the unsafe which is pretty much everyone except the one person who will go unnamed....but that person knows who that person is.  I'm so cutely obtuse!

So a blog that no one reads is a place to be completely real, everything you can be, and no one knows.

This is just a whisper of a long thought..

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